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Candidates for the

Youth Advisory Board

of Community Partners 4 Kids


Community Partners 4 Kids is seeking young men and women with an interest in community service, while learning some incredible skills as members of the Youth Advisory Board.


11th & 12th grade students and college students all encouraged to apply.



 *Intern and community service hour’s credit with program.


Some of the activities members will participate in include:

  1. Provide input on youth related topics and issues including:
  • Safety issues
  • New program possibilities
  1. Build new networks and partnerships with adults and peers in the community, increasing awareness of CP4Kids programs
  2. Obtain training and certification on CP4Kids programs such as the Child ID program or the B-SAFE Workshop
  3. Participate in several youth focused fundraisers each year
  4. Meet monthly with the full Youth Advisory Board


Candidates for this position should send an email introducing themselves to:

Youth Advisory Board


Please be sure to include a phone number for a follow up call.



Clay Smith - 610-762-8054

For additional information



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