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Phone: 610.478.6700


633 Court Street
Reading Pa

The Mission of the Berks County Children and Youth Services is to protect children and assure their physical & emotional well-being as provided by law, and to preserve, strengthen & empower their families.   Berks County Children and Youth Services is assigned to protect children, up to eighteen years of age, from abuse and neglect. The staff investigate all reports of child maltreatment in Berks County. For families at risk of future abuse or neglect, services and monitoring are implemented to ensure child safety and allow the children to remain in their homes. For some cases, placement outside the family's home is warranted. When this happens, the parents participate in services to allow the children's safe return. For situations in which a safe return is not able to occur, the Berks County Children and Youth Services staff request that the Court terminate parental rights. A permanent adoptive situation is located, often within the child's family and/or community. The tragedies of child abuse: Increasing incidents of emotional, physical, sexual abuse, and neglect are as real in Berks County as they are nationwide. Annually, Berks County Children and Youth Services receives over 5,000 calls reporting concerns of abuse and neglect within the County. Approximately, 100 Children and Youth Agency (CYS) caseworkers investigate more than 2,500 cases of abuse and neglect yearly in Berks County.

Caseworkers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive referrals regarding abused and neglected children. These agency employees assess the risk and safety of the child and the need for intervention.

Both Federal and State Laws define child abuse and mandate the agency’s investigation of such reports. Abuse can include physical, sexual, risk of imminent harm, emotional and serious physical neglect.

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