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Community Partners 4 Kids,is a 13 year old, 501- c(3), nonprofit agency that serves families with children in Bucks, Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton and Montgomery counties.


  • For many years we published resource guides focused on educational and developmental resources for children; all of that information is now available online at


  • Since 2009 Community Partners 4 Kids has provided FREE child identification to thousands of children throughout the region.


  • If you watch the news or read a newspaper it is difficult to avoid the reports of missing children, a tragic fact of life both nationally and locally.


  • Law enforcement officials nationwide recommend that parents obtain and maintain current identification data for every child. This results from the fact that every year in the United States more than 1 Million children are reported missing or abducted.


  • The two leading advocates for missing and exploited children, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Polly Klass Foundation, both strongly encourage parents to obtain electronic ID’s of their children. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the nation’s largest organization devoted to finding missing children, states that “one of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information.”


  • Community Partners 4 Kids offers this ID service at no cost to families.


  • There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available to the business community. All Child ID sponsorship fee payments to our 501-c(3) charitable organization are tax deductible.


  • PRIVACY CONCERNS: What happens to the information we gather to create the electronic ID? We are often asked about the security of our ID process. We use a process that was adopted by the US Department of Defense. We overwrite the Child ID file using randomly generated data. This is done using a method which bypasses any caching and writes directly to the disk. We do this a total of 3 times. After overwriting the file 3 times, we change the file size to 0, and then rename the file. When the filename is only 1 character long, we then delete it from the hard disk and it is unrecoverable. We retain no information. The only ones who receive the data (the CD we create) are the parents or guardians of the child receiving the ID. – 610-740-5611 –

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