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says The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


The first three hours are the most critical when trying to locate a missing child. A 2006 study indicated that 76.2 percent of abducted children who are killed are dead within three hours of the abduction.


As of December 2012, the Cyber Tipline has received more than 1.7 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation since it was launched in 1998. Suspected child sexual exploitation can be reported to the Cyber Tipline at www.cybertipline.com or 1-800-843-5678.


The AMBER ALERT program was created in 1996 and is operated by the U.S. Department of Justice. As of April 17, 2013, 642 children have been successfully recovered as a result of the program.


Community Partners 4 Kids and LVCRC,  along with our regional affiliates the Bucks County CRC and the Pocono Area CRC, have conducted Child ID events in the region for the past four years, providing secure,  Amber Alert Certified electronic Child ID’s for thousands of local children.


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the nation’s largest organization devoted to finding missing children, states that “one of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information. A Child ID is a simple and effective tool to help families maintain current photos and descriptive information about their children”.


The Polly Klass Foundation, a Petaluma, CA based, national nonprofit dedicated to the safety of all children, the recovery of missing children, and public policies that keep children safe in their communities says “You may want to follow the recommendation of many law enforcement officials and have Child ID Cards for each Child”

The Child ID system we use employs advanced digital technology to capture and store high definition forensic quality fingerprints, photos and physical descriptions of children and youth in the region.   It includes all 10 fingerprints electronically scanned and saved in the universal PDF format, the child’s physical description, and a photograph of the child. The parent receives a Child ID Form with the above information and also a CD with all of the information on it. To help protect from identity theft, our ID software was written so that no information of the child is saved on the computer. The parent is the only person who retains the data and the child ID disc and cards.

For more information about our organization and our Child ID Program, please visit our newly launched website for families with children, www.CP4Kids.org.  Or call us at 610-740-5611. 

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