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Join Us today and become a part of the solution to stop child predators, child abuse, sex trafficking of children & youth and abductions in the Lehigh Valley. For the next 12 months, our goal is to reach and teach 25,000 kids.


Join the Predators Elimination Team!

$ 10.00   per month - Officer           Helps Protect 1 child every 2 months

$ 20.00   per month - Corporal          Helps Protect 1 child every month

$ 40.00   per month - Sergeant       Helps Protect 2+ children every month

$ 80.00   per month - Lieutenant    Helps Protect 4+ children every month

$100.00  per month - Chief             Helps Protect 5+ children every month



100 Sergeants Needed Now!


Select a Number of Children and Subscribe Today!

Or, Contribute What You Can - We Appreciate It!

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